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Announcement: My upcoming visit to Leiden University

In less than a month I’ll be traveling to Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands, to give a presentation on the Free State of Jones. The occasion is Leiden University’s three month lecture series, “The American Civil War after 150 Years: An Unfinished War?”  I’ll deliver my lecture at 5:00 p.m, Tuesday, April 26, at the university, Lipsius, room 003.

I’m excited to take the story of Jones County’s Civil War uprising to an international audience, and also excited that Gregg will accompany me on this journey. Together, we’ll be visiting Amsterdam and London, as well as Leiden, and return home on May 3.

This means there will likely be no new essays posted to Renegade South before the middle of May; nor will I have my laptop with me. All incoming comments will be moderated and posted as soon as possible.


Vikki Bynum, Moderator

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