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Riley J. Collins post on Southern Unionists Chronicles

For those of you following the Collins family posts, please don’t miss my post on the Union pension file of Riley J. Collins over at RSS Southern Unionists Chronicles.  Riley was brother to Simeon and Jasper Collins and died serving the Union Army during the Civil War.


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  1. Vikki,

    Thought you would be interested… I just received an e-mail update announcing that Union service records for Mississippians are now available at



    • This is great news. I heard as well today from Vicki Betts of the UT Tyler library that Texas Union records are are also online with Looks like I need to subscribe soon!


  2. Unfortunately the Texas Union individual soldiers’ records aren’t up yet, but there are plenty of other documents there that discuss Unionists, including a handful of Texas Southern Claims Commission files, and some items in the Confederate Citizens File, notably the Camp Ford undercover operation, the Hildebrandt et al case, and a couple of Galveston sedition cases that I’ve found so far.

    Vicki Betts


  3. Hello I’m in mr. Rowes 8th period class and I saw your link and I disided to pop bye. Please e mail me to the address given and I’ll get back to you. Ohh and, nice place you got here!( Im the one who asked which side mr.Rowe would be n during the civil war)


    • I’m pleased that you decided to have a look at Renegade South, Hunter. I love the way Mr. Rowe interacts with you all on his blog as well as in class. It must make history much more interesting when a teacher is so engaged in what he or she is teaching!


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