From the great state of Missouri: I’m back online and back to work!

This has been an incredibly busy four weeks, beginning with my speaking engagement in Falmouth, VA, followed by Gregg and I moving from Texas to Hannibal, Missouri, after more than twenty years of teaching at Texas State University, San Marcos. We’re not yet settled in our new home, but we’re here! Equally important, I am finally back online–that is, no longer dependent on Java Jive, Hannibal’s famous coffee shop, for moderating this blog and answering emails (not that I won’t continue to frequent the very cool Java Jive).

The Long Shadow of the Civil War by Victoria Bynum

So now it’s back to working as a historian (in between unpacking boxes).  As many of you already know, my new book, The Long Shadow of the Civil War, has been officially launched by the University of North Carolina Press. I’m pleased to announce two upcoming speaking engagements for the fall.  First, I was excited to accept the Gregory Visiting Professorship at the University of Georgia for this coming fall. These five-day visiting professorships are part of the history department of UGA’s inauguration of its newly expanded program in Civil War Studies, made possible by a $1 million grant from Amanda and Henry D. “Greg” Gregory Jr. of Atlanta, GA.  For more on the Gregorys’ generous gift to UGA, see the following announcement from the university:

In November, I’m slated to discuss major themes of Long Shadow of the Civil War as part of the James A.  Hutchins lecture series at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. To learn more about the Hutchins Series, sponsored by UNC’s General Alumni Association, see:

I’ll provide updates on these events as the fall season approaches.

Vikki Bynum

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  1. Wow now you are just 2 hours North of me in (St. Louis). I would love to come visit up there sometime.


    • That’s right, Clay- I live very near you now. Let me know if you’re coming to Hannibal, and we can meet for lunch or something.



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