Renegade South is on vacation.

Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina. I’ll be there a week: first in Charlotte for the Convention of the Southern Historical Association, then on to Chapel Hill to conduct a little research and, on November 9, deliver the Hutchins Lecture at the University of North Carolina campus. During this week, November 3-10, I will likely be slow to post incoming comments to Renegade South, so please be patient if you decide to submit one anyway.

After November 10, I’ll be back as moderator, although during the holiday season that immediately follows it’s not likely that I’ll be posting essays or documents.

Hope you all have a great holiday season!

Vikki Bynum

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  1. Hey Vikki,

    Thanks for keeping your readers appraised of your scholarly invitations and activities. Someone who was present at your latest events and knows you well, informed me that your presentations were “Terrific”. I have no doubt this is true. I suspect that he has a big crush on you. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that you married him, huh?

    At any event, a whole bunch of us are looking forward to your return and if ciourse you sharing your experiences with your readers.

    So go….shake a leg. Or break a leg. Well, you know what I mean.

    The other Vikky (the older one)


  2. Victoria,

    My grandmother: Amanda’s father died when she was a newborn. What was the name of Tapley’s infant?.
    My relatives want me to get a copy of her birth certi.
    as they say she was Amanda E. Bynum Sims.
    Her mother (mary) married a topley or tapley.
    when he died she remarried to a Sims.
    Oh, Amanda’s mother was Mary Mauldin.

    thank you so much if you could let me know because
    we are probably way off base.
    I also have Temples in my line and Walters.
    Amanda was married to Thomas C. Bryant.


  3. Hi Mary,

    I am on a road trip to Texas right now so do not have access to my research files. I can confirm for you, however, that Amanda’s father was Tapley Bynum, the half-brother of my GGgrandfather, William Bynum. Tapley, you may already know, was a member of the anti-Confederate Knight band and was allegedly home visiting his new baby daughter when he was shot to death by Confederate militia sent to Jones County to arrest or execute deserters.



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