Renegade South rated as one of 30 best Civil War blogs!

I’m pleased to announce that Renegade South was recently listed as one of the top Civil War blogs by! To visit the Online Courses site, simply click the certificate below.

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    • Thanks Jon, and yeah, well, even being among those top five would have been great! But then I remember that there are scads of Civil War blogs, and that many Renegade South posts are not specifically about the war, and so I feel good, really good, about making the list.


  1. Vikki, this is GREAT news! But hardly surprising.

    I mean after all, you are one terrific historican. And it gets even better, your Blog attracts some very talented writers. (present company excluded.) I have to say that I miss hearing Dr G and his Mud Cats music when I log in to post. But since I can listen to his swonky tonk music anytime, and I do just that, it’s no big deal.

    I’m so pleased. And you are so very deserving of being recognized for your numerous contributions to our collective understanding of all of the underpinnings leading up to the Civil War, and it’s aftermath.

    Congratutations are indeed in order!

    Carry on,

    The other Vikky (Wilburn) Anders in San Diego


  2. Thanks for your praise, Vikky! I like that Renegade South provides a niche for researchers and descendants of “inner war” communities throughout the Civil War South. It began more as a way to get my own ideas and documents from my research online–and it is still that–but it has evolved into a place where independent researchers can share their ideas and materials as well.

    BTW, you can still hear Dr. G and the Mudcats perform “Jones County Jubilee” if you go to the website. the only way it’s ever been heard on this blog is if you click over to here from there.

    Keep reading and listening!



  3. Hey Vikki.

    Guess what? I’m listening to Dr G as I type this right now. Thanks for the enlightenment. This ought to prove to all of those people who know me well that they are collectively wrong when proclaiming my M.O . is : “Whenver possible, avoid following directions”.

    Yeah, I do so love your Blog! It’s a bit like belonging to a book club of kindred spirits. Loved reading the Lowery documents.

    Thanks again and more.

    The other Vikky


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