The following is the latest online review of my recent book, The Long Shadow of the Civil War: Southern Dissent and Its Legacies. I especially appreciate the careful and thorough analysis provided by Laura Hepp Bradshaw, a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.


Vikki Bynum

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Fourth Generation Inclusive, ncfpc.net. We clearly have some of the same interests. My genealogical interest in the Burnett family recently led me to purchase The Long Shadow. I had no idea of Elizabeth Burnett’s activism, though I’ve researched her extended family. I am not a Burnett, but have cousins who are. When I get a chance to get home to NC to look up records, I plan to post a piece on Elizabeth on my blog. Thanks again. — Lisa H.

    • I was delighted to discover your blog, Lisa. Free people of color have long been a major historical interest of mine, as you can see from this blog, and from Long Shadow of the Civil War. I am doubly pleased to have given you information on Elizabeth Burnett, who I myself would like to know more about. I’ll be stopping by your blog again, and probably often!

      Thanks so much,
      Vikki Bynum

      • I recently found a couple of newspaper articles about the arrest (framed, it seems), trial and acquittal of her brother, a prominent barber in antebellum Goldsboro who got into radical republican politics after the war. (Another brother, Micajah, was more infamous than prominent, having fled NC to avoid arrest for trafficking in stolen slaves.) Bill’s ordeal is another future post. Stay tuned, and take care!

      • Lisa, I sure will stay tuned! Look forward to your posts on the brothers, and will likely share them on Renegade South with your permission.


  2. Victoria, I’ve read both The Free State of Jones and The Long Shadow of the Civil War and was fascinated by both. I found them a wonderful combination of historical accuracy, passion for the subject, and family familiarity. My sister and I, great great granddaughters of Jasper Collins, are making a trip to Jones County this week. Unfortunately, those of our family members in the generation who knew where all the family sites are have passed, so I wonder if you might know the locations of homesteads and other Collins family places of interest. I’m especially interested in Jasper’s farm, his grave site, and the house where my grandmother (Arrilla Gatsy Ann Collins Long) raised my mother and her siblings. Any information will be deeply appreciated.

    • Barbara, I will post your question on the Facebook page, “Free State of Jones.” There are lots of Collins descendants on there. I’ll get back to you.

      Thank you for your kind words about my books.


    • Ms Griffith,
      I would be honored to take you to Jasper’s family cemetery and his homesite is on the same property but the road leading to it has grown up with underbrush. A group of us guys from Jones County are going to start taking care of the cemetery as well as a few other Knight family cemeteries. Feel free to call me at any time. 601-319-8898

      • Thank you, Joseph! Barbara, Joseph and his friends are as reliable guides as you’ll ever find!


      • To Joseph Hosey: Thank you so much! I will definitely call you. And thank you, Victoria.

    • Stacy Collins was my Great Grandfather. We are planning a trip to Jones County next May to coincide with the Movie opening. We would appreciate any info you gather and any recommendations on things to see upon completion of your trip.

      • To Clyde Mathews: Stacy Collins was my 3rd great grandfather, Jasper my 2nd great grandfather. I’ll post results of our trip. We’ll be there on Thursday and Friday of this week. Unfortunately, the inspiration to check this site for guidance didn’t hit me until today. But fortunately, I have already found a guide and a lot of relatives. I’ll report back after the trip.

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