David Woodbury: Talking About History: Historians Discuss the Civil War

By Vikki Bynum

David Woodbury bookFor a number of years, David Woodbury conducted online Q & A interviews with Civil War historians for his CompuServe Civil War Forum. When he contacted me in 2001 for an interview, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss my book, Free State of Jones, which had just been released. I especially enjoyed the online session that followed because of the participation by various CompuServe members in what quickly became a discussion rather than a formal interview.

I’m pleased to report that David has just recently compiled those interviews in a Kindle eBook. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking here for a mere $1.99 (or get it for free if you order before Friday, September 19!), and read what Civil War authors have to say, without pre-written scripts, about their work and the Civil War.

The thirty-seven participants include: Stacy Allen (Shiloh); Edward Ayers (misc. topics); Jean Baker (Mary Todd Lincoln); Ed Bearss (misc. topics); Mark Bradley (Battle of Bentonville); Kent Masterson Brown (Lee’s Retreat from Gettysburg); Victoria Bynum (Free State of Jones); Chris Calkins (Siege of Petersburg; Retreat to Appomattox); John Coski (Museum of the Confederacy; the Battleflag); David Eicher (Civil War in Books); Michael Fellman (Robert E. Lee; William T. Sherman); Gary W. Gallagher (Robert E. Lee, etc.); D. Scott Hartwig (Gettysburg); John Hennessy (Second Manassas); Harold Holzer (Abraham Lincoln); Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, Jr., (Battle of Bentonville); Terry Jones (Campbell Jones, LA Tigers); John A. Marszalek (William T. Sherman); William Marvel (Andersonville; CSS Alabama vs. USS Kearsarge); Richard McMurry (War in the West); James M. McPherson (“Drawn with the Sword”); Steve Meserve (Mosby’s Confederacy); William C. Miller (Jed Hotchkiss); Jim Morgan (Battle of Ball’s Bluff); Michael Musick (Researching at the National Archives); Alan T. Nolan (Robert E. Lee); James Ogden (Battles of Chickamauga & Chattanooga); Harry Pfanz (Battle of Gettysburg); Brian C. Pohanka (misc. topics); Gordon Rhea (Overland Campaign); Gene Salecker (Sultana Disaster); John Simon (Ulysses S. Grant); Craig L. Symonds (Joe Johnston; Pat Cleburne); Emory Thomas (Robert E. Lee); Jeffry Wert (George Custer; James Longstreet); Terry Winschel (Vicksburg Campaign); Steven E. Woodworth (Jeff Davis & his Generals).

Thanks, David, for making this treasure trove available to the public!

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