The Free State of Jones

Reminder: Catch Me on Rag Radio, 2-3 pm, Today.

Please don’t miss my interview today on Rag Radio in Austin, KOOP 91.7! Host Thorne Dreyer and I will discuss my book, The Free State of Jones, and the relevance of its history—as well as the history of Southern Unionism in general—to the current controversy over the Confederate flag.The interview will be broadcast live, Friday, July 3, 2015, from 2-3 p.m. Listen in by clicking: KOOP.

Update, July 6, 2015: For those who missed the show, here’s a podcast of my July 3, 2015 Interview on Rag Radio, KOOP 91.7, Austin, TX:

vikki Bynum, Thorne Dreyer, Tracey Schultz

Vikki Bynum, Thorne Dreyer, Tracey Schultz

Thanks for great questions, Thorne Dreyer, and for wonderful comments, Jeffrey Nightbyrd. Tracey Schulz engineered the show, and Roger Baker took the photos. The Swampytonk musical interludes are courtesy of Dr. G and the Mudcats.

Gregg Andrews, vikki Bynum, Thorne Dreyer, Tracey Schultz, Jeffery Nightbyrd

Gregg Andrews, Vikki Bynum, Thorne Dreyer, Tracey Schultz, Jeffery Nightbyrd

Gregg Andrews

Gregg Andrews

Rag Radio is a syndicated weekly radio show that features hour-long in-depth interviews and discussion about issues of progressive politics, culture, and history. Our guests include newsmakers, artists, leading thinkers, and public figures.

Rag Radio is produced in the studios of KOOP 91.7-FM, a cooperatively-run all-volunteer community radio station in Austin, Texas. The show is hosted and produced by Rag Blog editor Thorne Dreyer; Tracey Schulz is engineer and co-producer. All Rag Radio shows are posted as podcasts at the Internet Archive. Rag Radio can be contacted at

Vikki Bynum and Gregg Andrews

Vikki Bynum and Gregg Andrews

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  1. Loved the Podcast. I am going to the library today to try and get that pictue to you Vicki. I am pretty sure it is Peggy Collins By I also have a tin type of


    • Ruth,
      Do you mean the picture might be of Peggy Collins Bynum, wife of Benjamin Bynum? I would love to post that! If it’s this Peggy, she’s also a sister to Jasper
      Collins and the rest of the brothers!


      • Did you get it? I’m thinking it must be. I also have a tin type that is from the old house in Laurel. I’m trying to find it. It looks just like the one you have of newt except it’s a Bynum. Feel free to post any of the ones I send. My ability to send them is hit and miss. I also have a picture of Dicey Bynum somewhere. I will keep looking. As I said the original of that picture I sent is at my home. I think it’s Peggy Bynum. My Grandfather Charlie Bynum Senior) Grandmother. I am not sure so maybe you can help me find out..
        P.S. I loved the podcast. I feel like I know ya’ll now. I’m enjoying all of this wonderful story. Thanks again


      • Still haven’t received it, Ruth. Please don’t worry about it. In regard to identifying Peggy Bynum, I probably cannot be of much help–this branch of the family is so interesting, but it’s one I never heard about among my dad’s folks. I think our branches went separate ways on account of the war. Fascinating, isn’t it?

        Thank you for listening to the podcast.


  2. Ben Bynum was Charles Bynum ‘ s Grandfather. So it has to be. I remember asking him if his grandfather was in the civil war and he said, ” Nah. They fought a war of their own.”


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