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  1. This is really exciting! I am very happy for you and proud of my history that you have carefully researched and preserved. (great-great granddaughter of Jasper Collins)

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    • Thank you, Julia! It truly must be exciting to have one’s ancestor profiled in a movie as well as in history texts! Jasper deserves it . . .


  2. I have been following some of the developments Vicky and checking the blog from time to time.

    How about this….my friend for 20 plus from work Kathy Koenig from Longview, TX, her two sons grew up and were friends with this kid from Longview High…he used to come over to her house……I think he became an actor or something they say.

    Now he’s going to be in this Jones movie or something?….LOL….who knew?

    There are some letters from the 1880s between John and Newton Knight that exist or did…I have seen a copy of one of them. I do not know where they went at this time. I know someone to ask though in family and plan to soon as I am curious. My great aunts Eva and Francis Knight had them.

    My mom, Dorcas (Knight) Tate past away December 27, 2014. She is buried in Free Hill Cemetary Hot Springs County, Arkansas along with John and my other Knight kin.

    My Knights are some fantastic people. I was so so so reminded of this and am trying to live it every day!

    I used to have your email address, before you retired. I have some Arkansas Knight pics I think you would like if you so desire.

    John Knight and Sarah And Anderson Knight are both buried under this huge cedar tree. My mom is close by.

    If you interested just let me know.

    Kind Regards,

    Randy Tate in Texas


    • Hi Randy, it’s always good to hear from you. I am only familiar with Newt Knight’s 1887 letter to his brother, John of Arkansas, which I quoted from in The Free State of Jones. It would be fabulous to discover that more letters survived!

      As for your Arkansas Knight photos, I would love to see them! I will send you my email.



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