The Free State of Jones

Announcements: What’s new on The Free State of Jones

Big Thicket of Texas

Newton Knight

Richard Grant’s recent article in Smithsonian Magazine, “The True Story of The Free State of Jones,” is chock full of interesting interviews about Mississippi’s most famous band of renegades, and well worth your time!




ms hist socOn March 4, 2016, I’ll deliver the luncheon address: “The Free State of Jones: Legend, History, and—Soon—a Movie,” at the Mississippi Historical Society’s Annual Meeting in Jackson.



UK fsojDuckworth Publishers, the UK’s oldest general trade publishers, has bought the rights to The Free State of Jones! Sporting a new subtitle, it’s set for release on March 24, 2016, and is now available for pre-purchase.




scwhMy interview with Megan Kate Nelson for The Society of Civil War Historians about the upcoming Free State of Jones movie, including my thoughts on the role of movies in bringing important historical events to the general public.



Coming June 24, 2016, The movie, The Free State of Jones


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