Free State of Jones Trailer 2

Here it is—the second trailer for the movie as we move toward that June 24 release date!

Written and directed by four-time Oscar nominee Gary Ross (THE HUNGER GAMES, SEABISCUIT, PLEASANTVILLE), and starring Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey. FREE STATE OF JONES is an epic action-drama s…

click: Free State of Jones Trailer 2


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  1. Anxious to see the Fee State of Jones ! As one who grew up in Southeast Txas among family & neighbors continued to live as though the South never lost the Civil War it will be interesting atbthevreaction of thecLost Cause disciples at seeing the film!


  2. Bravo to you and to your book, as well as the movie in the latest chapter of McConnaissance! As a Texan whose maternal grandfather’s 19th-century family lived 3 generations in Mississippi (up in Faulknerland), and whose 2nd most admired American after Washington is the great Sam Houston, I hope that my fellow Texans see or read this legendary story, if only to know just what difficulties our Sam faced in defying Confederate beliefs (and social racial and class dictums). I see so much of the same courage of conviction in Newton Knight. The story you have helped bring to the limelight reminds us that for many Southerners, slavery was not why they fought. I wish we could find all of the stories of those who were not in league with the plantation owners. Thanks for adding dimension to a complicated time in our history.


  3. I appreciate your comment very much, Aimeslee! You are so right that untold numbers of Southerners throughout the South “defied Confederate beliefs (and social and racial dictums)”. I’m glad, also, that you identify Texas as an important state, and Sam Houston as an important individual, that demonstrated support for Unionist principles.

    I wonder if your own ancestors were from around Hardin County, where Civil War Jayhawker leader, Warren Jacob Collins was from? Warren actually grew up with Newt Knight! He is the brother of several Collinses who joined the Knight Band back in Mississippi. His wife, Tolitha Eboline Valentine, was the sister of Newt’s 1st Lieutenant, James Morgan Valentine. to see my work on Warren J. Collins–and the works of others on various aspects of Texas Unionism–click here:



  4. Caught a trailer on the History Channel last night that is different from this one…I’m excited. I was in Jones County a few weeks ago and was able to spend a full day visiting back road haunts and cemeteries. Took a cousin with me who had no idea of the depth of our family roots in the area. He told my 93 year old aunt that I needed serious help as they watched me patting headstones and talking to “folks” at Mount Moriah.


    • Nice to hear from you, Chuck!. How wonderful that you recently made it over to Jones County! And there’s nothing like visiting the old folks at the family cemeteries. Won’t be long now ’til we’re discussing the movie—



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