The Free State of Jones

The Free State of Jones in Virginia, Mississippi—and China!

Eunice Smith, Deborah Smith, Vikki Bynum

This past week in Virginia, I discussed legendary, historical, and cinematic versions of the story of The Free State of Jones for Lynchburg College’s Civil War and Reconstruction Lecture Series. Adding immeasurably to the evening’s excitement and fun were Eunice Smith, a Free State of Jones descendant, and her mother, Deborah Smith (who is descended from North Carolina’s Winton Triangle)!



Dinner in Lynchburg with host Adam Dean

No sooner did I return from Lynchburg then my copy of the  University of Southern Mississippi’s Winter issue of The Southern Quarterly arrived!

The Southern Quarterly , vol 54, No. 2, Winter 2017

The new Quarterly features an interview with me conducted by Dr. Susannah Ural, professor of history at the University of Southern Mississippi.  Q & A about the causes and the meaning of the Jones County uprising, and specifically about the lives of Newt, Serena, and Rachel Knight, abound.

On the heels of all that, I received my author’s copies of the Chinese version of The Free State of Jones. Nor a bad week for keeping track of a story now known internationally!

The Free State of Jones.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ! Wbat a great feeling to know your work has been so well received by people worldwide! Congratulations again!


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