The Free State of Jones

Remembering Slavery, A Commentary from Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

It’s always nice to receive praise for one’s work that is unsolicited, unexpected, and unequivocally positive! The following commentary about slavery, which proclaims The Free State of Jones one of “two of the best books that have been turned into movies about slavery” was written by Debbie Jacob, a journalist for Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.—-vb

Remembering Slavery

by Debbie Jacob

I AM NEVER able to take an important holiday like Emancipation Day and confine it to one day. Those holidays tend to linger in my mind for days – even weeks later. For me, Emancipation Day is an important holiday that reminds us of the injustice of slavery as it pays tribute to . . .

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About the author: Debbie Jacob, journalist, librarian, and English/literature/history teacher at the Port of Spain Prison, says that “books and writing are my life.” One example of her writing is Wishing for Wings, (2013), in which she recounts her teaching experiences in the Youth Training Centre (YTC) in Trinidad and Tobago with a heartfelt, hopeful, and insightful story of boys charged with violent crimes and considered irredeemable by many.

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