A Memorial Day Tribute

by Vikki Bynum

A special Memorial Day shout-out to Tapley Bynum, 1837-1864, the half-brother of my father’s great-grandfather, who was shot to death during the Civil War for joining Newt Knight’s Mississippi band of Guerrillas and fighting against the Confederacy.

“Free State of Jones” bumper sticker, courtesy of DeBoyd Knight

Knight Company roster presented to Congress, 1870


Remembering Oma Stanley Bynum of Jones County, Mississippi, 1917-1990. I drew this portrait of my dad wearing his military uniform from a 1942 photograph taken, I believe, on his and my mother’s wedding day.

Oma Stanley Bynum, 1942. Drawing by Vikki Bynum, 2020


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  1. My ggg grandfather was with Knights group until captured by the confederate army and hung with his brothers. His names was James Ates. His brothers were William and I believe Thomas. Their mother was Frances Crittenden.


    • Hi Tamara,
      Thank you for your comment! The tragic story of the Confederate hanging of Tom and James Ates appears in my book, The Free State of Jones. Frances Ates is in the book, too, although I did not know her maiden name was Critenden.


  2. Fascinating history … the bravery of such people, especially when standing up to local powers that be, is always inspiring. Vikki, which division was your father in during WWII? I am currently reading a book entitled MARCHING ORDERS: The Untold Story of World War II by Bruce Lee that I think someone with your interest in history would find fascinating. It came out in the mid-1990s but I believe deserves much more attention than it apparently received at the time.

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    • Thank you! Hmmm, I will find that book and have a look at it. My dad was with the Air Apaches 345th Bombardment during WWII.



  3. Interesting … my father was in the 1st Armored Division … Morrocco, Tunisia, Italy … both were in a conflict that, definitely, on a number of levels, was really the last just war (if it can be said that such a thing exists).

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  4. Hello Mr. Slaughter,
    I appreciate your concern for reading well-researched histories of our nation in order to better communicate that history to your children. I will send you a private email tomorrow and we can discuss the matter further.
    Vikki Bynum


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