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“The State of Mississippi vs. Davis Knight” (1948): A Wolverine Theatrics Production!

“The State of Mississippi vs. Davis Knight” (1948):  A Wolverine Theatrics Production!

by Vikki Bynum

I am delighted to announce that Playwright Marcus France and Producing Director Nathaniel Quinn have recreated the 1948 miscegenation trial of Davis Knight as a play! The following announcement recently appeared on the Facebook page of Wolverine Theatrics:

Stay tuned for “The State of Mississippi v Davis Knight” excavated by Victoria E. Bynum, processed and dramatized by Marcus France. Featuring the voice talents of: Jason Pasqua, Heath Howes, Justen Glover, Mason Quinn, Dan Muth, Sarah Forman, Aimee Woods, David Wygant, Kent Sugg, Elliot Clough, Phil Forman, Hugh Butterfield, Frances Leary, Lenny Scovel, David Harlan, Benjamin Gonzales, Alison Quaggin Harkin, and Chris Will. Sound Design by Kyle Harper, with original music by Scott Hurst.

Davis Knight, 1948. Portrait by Vikki Bynum, 2020

Davis Knight was the great-grandson of Civil War guerrilla Newt Knight, leader of the Civil War Free State of Jones uprising against the treasonous Confederate States of America (CSA).  As one of Newt, Serena, and Rachel Knight’s many mixed-race descendants, Davis was convicted by the Mississippi State Supreme Court of illegally marrying a white woman long after the deaths of his illustrious ancestors. You may read about his life after the trial HERE.

The first episode of “The State of Mississippi vs. Davis Knight” will appear via podcast on 11 January 2021. To access episode 1, click here. For an excerpt from Nathaniel’s interview with me, click here




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