Two Mississippi Museums “Many Stories” presents Newt Knight and The Free State of Jones

The Many Stories presentation on Newt Knight of the Free State of Jones can be viewed directly from the Museum of Mississippi History Facebook page.

Date and Showtime: Thursday, June 3, 2021, 6-7 p.m.

Hope to see you there!—Vikki Bynum

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  1. I enjoyed your presentation tonight. My interest began in your writing and research a few years ago as I was exploring my own family history as I am a double Landrum descendant.

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    • Thank you, Kristi! As a double Landrum descendant, you’re very familiar with Southern Unionists!



  2. Victoria, I’ve seen at least two enlistment cards for Newton Knight over on Fold3 in the Miss. 7th and 8th. Yet, the Hollywood says one enlistment and then desertion. Is this correct?


    • Hello Lance,

      Thanks for your interest. Newt enlisted twice, as Fold3 reveals. On July 29, 1861, he enlisted in Co K of the 8th regiment, Mississippi Volunteers. He was a good soldier who advanced to fourth sergeant and was detailed as a provost guard. On January 2, 1862, he was discharged by special order, perhaps because of his father’s impending death a few days later.

      On May 13, 1862, after passage of the conscript law, Newt enlisted a second time, this time with Co F of the 7th battalion Mississippi Infantry, alongside his friends and relatives. He deserted Co F in November 1862, shortly before his unit moved to Vicksburg. In early 1863, he was forced back into the army, but escaped again, once and for all, in May 1863.

      I have detailed, discussed, and footnoted these facts in Chapter five of The Free State of Jones, if you’re interested in knowing more about how the Knight Band came to be.

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    • Yes, movies have to over-simplify history in order to fit everything into a few hours. The Free State of Jones really needs to be told in a documentary.

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  3. I have traced my roots back as far as Miles Jesse Knight. I understand he was born in Ireland and that his parents and siblings were murdered. Has anyone searched this out. I wished I would have done this before my dad pasted away at the age of 91. My grandfather was John Henry Knight and his father was Albert Knight Jr.

    Any help with Miles family would be helpful.


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