The Long Shadow of the Civil War: Table of Contents

At the suggestion of one of my internet friends, independent researcher Ralph Poore, I am listing here the table of contents from my forthcoming book, The Long Shadow of the Civil War.

bynum_longThe Long Shadow of the Civil War: Southern Dissent and Its Legacies 

by Victoria E. Bynum

Introduction: Kinship, Community, and Place

PART ONE: Home Front

chapter one: Guerrilla Wars: Plain Folk Resistance to the Confederacy

chapter two: Occupied at Home: Women Confront Confederate Forces in North Carolina’s Quaker Belt

PART TWO: Reconstruction and Beyond

chapter three: Disordered Communities: Freed People, Poor Whites, and “Mixed Blood” Families in Reconstruction North Carolina

chapter four: Fighting a Losing Battle: Newt Knight versus the U.S. Court of Claims, 1870-1900

PART THREE: Legacies

chapter five: Civil War Unionists as New South Radicals: Mississippi and Texas, 1865-1920

chapter six: Negotiating Boundaries of Race and Gender in Jim Crow Mississippi: The Women of the Knight Family

Epilogue: Fathers and Sons

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  1. I work at the Leland Library now, as Assistant Librarian and i can’t wait to request your new book. Have you read the book “Help” yet and what do you think of it.


  2. Janet, I sure appreciate your plans to request a copy of Long Shadow of the Civil War for your library! No, I haven’t read the book, “Help”; can you tell me more about it?



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