The Family of Necia Smith and Ezra Knight

Submitted by Janet Carver, granddaughter of Necia Anderson Smith and Ezra Knight

the Smith-Knight Family, Collection of Janet Carver

the Knight-Smith Family, from collection of Janet Carver

 Photo taken @ 1938.

Back row, left to right:

Olin Calvin, Osie, Dovie, Necia, Ezra, Rose Merry, Delvia, J. Lynn

Front row, left to right:

Ruth, Minerva, Irving, Martha (daughter of Delvia)


Thanks to Janet Carver and Yvonne Bivins for identifying family members.

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  1. I’ve long been trying to research the name Necia. The first real recognition I have of it was in Rex Beach’s book, The Barrier, which was published in 1908. I was born in 1938 and was given that name from the book.

    Can you tell me more about your grandmother, Necia Smith? Was she born before 1908? Where the name came from and when she was born?

    If you respond, please use my email address.


  2. Necia was my grandfather’s sister. My great grandmother named her after her sister who was actually named Pernecia.


  3. Neacie Abigail Anderson was born on dec. 20, 1889. She married Leonard Ezra Knight Nov. 23rd 1910. This was told to me by my Uncle Irving Knight the day of my mother’s funeral: ” Neacie Anderson was the daughter of Lucy Ainsworth Anderson. One of two children by the Anderson marriage one. My Mother, Neacie Abigail, and Quilla Calhoun, her brother. Lucy married a Smith, had several children, also later married Floyd Knight the children that I can remember were, Wilder, Octavia, Levy. Neacie married Leonard Ezra Knight, son of Jeffery and Martha Ann Eliza Jane Knight.”


  4. Hi You’ll,
    I see my Grandfather Olin. Knight and we call him (Popoe) I just want to Thank You for adding to my collection of Family Photos.He was one Great man. He taught me so much it’s incredible.He stayed true to his word. He was smartly quite but, when he spoke it was carefully thought out and if E.F. Hutton was there he’d keep quite to hear him speak.We all adored and respected him.He had the Midas Touch at all the true craftsmanship in everything he did an art vanishing with time.He showed me to how to garden and carpentry work one of a kind pieces.He lead me to write the most inspiring stories of lifes lessons others have enjoyed.We Grandchildren spent almost every summer with Granny Knight and Popoe and they never missed given us a create of Florida Fruits each Christmas.They gave us the World and I love them dearly for everything.
    P/S Again Thank You and God Bless


  5. Hello, I was just doing some breif research, because my curiosity got the best of me. I started looking into my family’s past and learned that my Great, Great grand father’s name was Ezra Knight. He is my grandfather on my mother’s side’s great grandpa. All my grandpa could tell me about this man, is that he was an orphan, and someone ( I believe he said it was possibly an unlce) took him in, so Knight was not his original last name, and we were unsure of what it could have been because it was not ever documented. Is it a possiblity there is a relation? I am 24 years old now, and grew up in Michigan. Do you know where they were located? Also what is their nationality?


    • Hi, Rebecca,

      My Grandfather, on my mother’s side is Leonard Ezra Knight, married to Neacia Abigail Anderson Smith. They lived around SoSo, MS,moved to Hattiesburg,MS, and then to Memphis, TN. I was told he and my Grandma were of the Choctaw and Cherokee heritage, but I have found out that they were Indian and multracial. My grandmother denied her nationality. My Great, GreatGrandfather was Newt Knight of the Knight Raiders. You should really read Victoria Bynum’s book The Long Shadow of the Civil War and the Free State of Jones County. Are you saying my Grandfather was adopted and Knight is not his real name, I am confused. You my contact me at my email address, janetkaraokegirl@yahoo.com. Also, do you have any pictures of Ezra Knight, I have only a few.


  6. Welcome to the Renegade South discussion of the Knight-Smith-Ainsworth family, Rebecca! It certainly sounds as though your GGgrandfather came from this family, but I will leave it to Janet Carver, Yvonne Bivins, and our commenters to confirm that and hopefully provide you with precise information for all your questions,



  7. Rebecca,

    to help you determine whether your ancestor, Ezra Knight, is from the families discussed on this blog, you should also read Yvonne Bivins’s history of the family of Rachel Knight: https://renegadesouth.wordpress.com/2009/09/06/yvonne-bivins-on-the-history-of-rachel-knight/ There are three parts to the history, and I suggest you read them all, and also read the comments that follow. (A number of descendants from this family, BTW, moved to Michigan.)

    I have written extensively on these Knights in two books: The Long Shadow of the Civil War, and The Free State of Jones.

    I am happy to answer any questions that I can on Renegade South.
    Vikki Bynum


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